English Voiceover 

Gary Jonas is a professional Voiceover Artist from Singapore. He provides a neutral, warm, English RP accent, with a flair for being a voice character. Experienced in many genres and tonalities, Gary will bring forth spirit and zest. 

He works closely with a professional Audio Engineer to master the recording, producing a crisp and clean sound. 

Reach out for Voiceover rates. 

Texas Chicken Ad 2020 - withgaryjonas VoiceoverGary Jonas
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DBS Multi Currency Ad - withgaryjonas VoiceoverGary Jonas
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Covid-19 Ad - withgaryjonas Voiceover SingaporeGary Jonas
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Beauty & The Beast Audio Book - withgaryjonas Voiceover SingaporeGary Jonas
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Gary Jonas Voice Reel - withgaryjonas Voiceover Talent Singapore.mp3Gary Jonas
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