Creative Director, Copywriter

and Editor.

  • Designing The Future

    BeyondX is an annual design festival showcasing fresh technologies and speakers to inspire creativity and innovation.

  • Commerce ll

    Commercial and Mixed-Use developments are indispensable to a society, and should resonate with the community, enabling all users to EXPERIENCE BEYOND 

  • Dwelling ll

    Homes are a reflection of its owners, ludic, majestic, or a combination of both. Echoing the latin phrase "E pluribus unum", or "out of many, one"; every aspect of a dwelling must operate in perfect tandem, to provide an experience beyond. 

  • 360 Circle

    ...poised for the tidal wave of disruption...

  • 360 News

    In this issue there’s a whole section devoted to the latest happenings in Vietnam. We’re delighted to showcase ONG&ONG’s new local offices in Ho Chih Minh City which are a testament to a marvelous period of sustained success.

  • Brace yourself for the
    5G Storm

    The Internet of Things are already on the brink of the horizon, pending the polarity shifts from the US of A and the Eastern behemoth.  

  • Lifestyle II

    The world is getting smaller, and many parallels for design can be found across continents. One perennial yardstick for gauging value across all industries, from hospitality to retail and beyond, is the quality of the user experience.

  • Disruptive Innovation in Architecture

    The future is laced with all sorts of naysayers and "yeasayers". But the innovations are merely an expression — tools of the mindset that we urgently need to adopt.

  • Ad Screenwriting

    Creative collaborations with Tropic Monsters TV and Dramatic Effect. 

  • 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 Ready

    Written articles for motorcycles and automobiles. Personal interest: Classic and Vintage. Think Jay Leno's Garage. 

  • Haute Horlogerie

    A lexicon for complication soirées, the Grandmaster Chime 5175, the US$2.7 million watch by Patek Phillippe, are just one of the many wonders of the world. Experience in writing about various brands, including Seiko, Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne and 
    Richard Mille. 

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