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Booming during "Circuit Breaker".

Odd isn't it? Even I didn't see it coming, no one did.

When news of the Circuit Breaker measures were released, the freelancers knew they were done for. All my Event Hosting gigs were being cancelled one after the other.

Just when we thought all hope was lost, the Marketing team at changed up our Social Media efforts and made several adjustments to our game plan. We would soon realise that our English Voiceover services are surprisingly in demand during Covid-19. Yes, you heard right.

Within the first two weeks of the Circuit Breaker, three local businesses required our English Voiceover services. That definitely breathed new hope into the team at

Having branched out into the English Voiceover and Voice Acting industry in Singapore back in 2018, ahead of the unprecedented Circuit Breaker was indeed one of the smartest business decisions for

Take a listen to my English Voiceover samples here.

Drop me an email or WhatsApp me for my Voiceover Rates.

If you're a non-profit organisation looking for English Voiceover during Covid-19, do let me know.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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