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Working in Singapore: Speaking out on silver linings during COVID-19.

Writer. Emcee. Voiceover. These are the services that the withgaryjonas brand provides. From industry standpoint, it may seem relevant. But the gig industry might presume a recipe for dilution. That is, until COVID-19 infiltrated into our methodologies.

By diversifying, the withgaryjonas brand was able to use the virus situation as a springboard to the other arms, including a tech review arm on Youtube which has catapulted surprisingly well and with big plans to stretch out that business umbrella. But that aside, ignoring the possibility of the Events Industry’s depreciating situation is the real elephant in the room. Postulations of death to the industry is aplenty, and with all the money pumped into it now in limbo, it is only logical to keep the Emcee arm as dormant, and to spearhead the Voiceover arm further.

The impressive foresight has been rewarding. Since Singapore’s implementation of Circuit Breaker on April 7th, Voiceover requests have been coming in full sail, a well-welcomed good news. Though writing jobs are at a halt, withgaryjonas’s optimism on diversification with the times may be a viable option for other brands to adopt a similar approach.

For more on withgaryjonas, visit the official website here for the company offerings.

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