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Funnel Page

Category King of Home Tours 

One of the most captivating showpieces yet, it borrows various animation elements to keep the audiences glued both on web and mobile. Each element was painstakingly drafted and polished to ensure maximum retainability and lead conversion. PLB is pretty proud of this one.


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Website | Landing page

PLB's Official Site

A full website was scoped, outlined by all stakeholders and executed. The culmination was this breathtaking website that was clean, direct and informative. Elements are purposeful. All copy, elements, animation, were directly under my supervision. That includes the dog on set. Good dog.


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Website | Landing page


When life gives you an opportunity, you split that into a diverse portfolio. bleubricks is not much a duplication, but a total revamp to cater to the HDB booming market. That, of course, requires an overhaul of the brand methodology, strategy, and in turn, the website styling; catering to the appropriate demographic.

Supervised all elements from Brand Strategy to Marketing Approach.


Website was successful, growing the company's reach of HDBs by 50%.



Website | Landing page

PLB Chit Chat Sessions

Client testimonials and one of the channels managed by me. Of course, presenting is one of my capabilities and was well-utilised in this series, to expand to marketing collateral, ads, and more.



Website | Landing page

PLB's Seller Experience

The blood and life of the company depends on this landing page. All CTAs lead here, where the funnelling begins strategically. This is the full arsenal, and do catch the videos if you can, they're amazingly done by the team.

Gary Jonas freelance creative content writer and producer
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